2018 Year in Review

What a year! We in the Midwest have been organizing against a potential Line 61-Twin, known as the Line 66 Pipeline.  Right after the New Year, landowners met to strategize how they could get their county leaders to speak out about eminent domain abuse.  That kicked off an exciting and impressive year – check out all the incredible work and victories that happened in 2018!

Check out the 2018 Year in Review to see some of the best highlights from last year!  This includes six county boards passed eminent domain resolutions, an incredibly successful video series with over 29,000 views, a precedent-setting Court of Appeals ruling, uniting Wisconsin and Illinois groups into one network, and more.  Read the 2018 Year in Review here. 

2018 Year in Review


Imagine was 2019 will bring!  Contact us if you want to get involved and be part of all the great work!



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