Tom and Paula

“I do not want my trees cut down, my woodlands cut down,my wetlands crossed.”

Tom and Paula Hinke, longtime landowners of Wisconsin are being disenfranchised from their right to their very own land, and their slice of the American dream. The forests that surround their property are rich in wildlife, which they cherish, and after decades of hard work, all of that could change if Enbridge gets its way.

Enbridge, the Canadian company, is working to expand its pipeline network through Wisconsin; seizing property from American citizens to transport hazardous, toxic tar sands oil. Enbridge could exercise eminent domain to seize land from US citizens for private profit. Enbridge became eligible to use eminent domain via a legislation change made in the 2015 budget.

For the Hinke’s, their land, home, and the wildlife that live on it could all be destroyed if Enbridge proceeds with pipeline expansion.

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