This  People Over Pipelines: Wisconsin Families Working to Protect Our Homes and Communities video tells the story of Jason Berry and his family.

Enbridge plans on taking an additional 300 ft of our land. iI we go to the west it takes away a part of my house; it’ll take away my garage. If we go to the east it takes part of my woods and potentially takes my neighbors’ house.

Jason Berry has lived in his Marshfield, WI, home since April of 2000. With his 10 acres of land, he has been able to provide a place for his kids to explore the wonders of the natural world. They love to spend hours outside making tree houses, riding four wheelers and hiking along the network of trails Berry has on his property. Now, the life Berry has worked hard to give to his kids could be lost as Enbridge might take additional land.

When Berry first bought the property in 2000 he noticed a rod sticking out of the ground. The current landowner at the time told him that an oil pipeline ran under the property and the rod marked an imperfection in the pipe. Not wanting to alarm Berry, the seller assured him that a little robot comes through the pipe to find any issues and that she has never had an issue with a leak in the past. After a week and half of living in his new home, Berry woke up to an Enbridge crew tearing apart his land because the pipe had in fact leaked. Weekly and then monthly monitoring crews were needed to test the safety of Berry’s drinking water after oil had polluted his land. Berry received zero compensation for the damage that occurred.

Berry is not opposed to the power of Eminent Domain when exercised by the government but believes that this power should not be given to a private foreign oil pipeline company.

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