WiSE Alliance and 80 Feet is Enough! launch new video series!

People Over Pipelines: Wisconsin Families Working to Protect Our Homes and Communities

Today, the WiSE Alliance and 80 Feet is Enough! launched a series of short videos that feature Wisconsin landowners along the Line 61 corridor.  The series, People Over Pipelines: Wisconsin Families Working to Protect Our Homes and Communities shows people working to save their homes and property from the proposed new Enbridge tar sands pipeline, known as Line 66. The twelve short videos in the series are filled with these stories – from previous damage done by Enbridge to the potential destruction of homes, land, and water resources.  Viewers will see what these families cherish and what they stand to lose.  

The series features stories from across Wisconsin, depicting how Wisconsin families are working to save their homes and property from the threat of the potential new Line 66 pipeline.  Enbridge sought and received a legislative change making them eligible to use eminent domain. Families throughout Wisconsin are now threatened with the loss of their property and homes through the use of eminent domain for private gain.  

“We want the public to understand the double whammy that all Wisconsin residents are threatened by. First, the policy of eminent domain for private gain means that all of us could lose our homes to companies that decide it would enhance their business. And another huge pipeline pumping tar sands mixed with toxic chemicals at tremendous pressure, crossing 200+ Wisconsin streams and rivers, puts us all at risk in the case of leaks and ruptures,” explained Keith Merkel with 80 Feet is Enough! “These videos demonstrate this unexpected and unfair threat that we are facing,” concluded Merkel.  

Starting today, there will be a video published weekly here and on our Facebook and YouTube pages.  

Take Action
At the end of every video, viewers are invited to sign a petition to the Public Service Commission (the state agency that could grant Enbridge the power of eminent domain for this project), asking them to hold a hearing in every county crossed by the proposed pipeline before ruling on the issue.  

tell the PSC

Credits and thank you’s
These videos are the product of hundreds of hours of work by volunteers, and a generous gift from the Property Rights and Pipeline Center, and the kindness of landowners to let us into their lives.  Our professional videographer who spent his time to do the interviews, and did the first round of editing was Michael O’Rourke.  Second video editors were Bob Minceberg (also Music Editor) and Katie O’Connell, who volunteered countless hours implementing the changes proposed by Phyllis Hasbrouck, WiSE organizer.  Elizabeth  Ward, Keith Merkel, Mark Borchardt, Mary Beth Elliott, and Cathy Loeb helped create the idea, find video subjects, and organize the launch of this series.  This project and the love and sweat that went into it demonstrates the power behind the coalition that will stop the Line 66 Pipeline.

The views expressed by the speakers are theirs alone and not necessarily those of the WiSE Alliance.

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