Tim Jensen has lived in Medina Township in Dane County for 45 years, in a house he built with his own two hands, 32 years ago.  Now retired, he enjoys spending time with his 11 apple trees and his garden.  There is an Enbridge pumping station in his “backyard.”

He came to Lobby Day in May 2017, when landowners from across the state came to the Capitol to talk to their legislators about the injustice of eminent domain for private gain.  He said:

“I’ve actually run into people who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum from myself, but who have come to the same conclusion, that eminent domain is a very important, basic issue for democracy.”

Dane county asked Enbridge to be a responsible neighbor, to take responsibility for any damage caused by spills that might happen in his backyard, by buying $25 million of extra spill insurance. When the Legislature passed a bill saying that a county couldn’t enforce an insurance mandate, Tim joined other landowners in a court case to try to enforce it themselves.

He urges the legislators to take up the issue of eminent domain for private gain, and to support the citizens of Wisconsin.  You can stand with him by signing the petition to the PSC here.

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