Jeff and Roxanne

“My wife went to the back room and cried, and [Enbridge’s landman] said ‘That’s it – you left the table, we’re done here.”

Jeff and Roxanne Schuld of Wisconsin purchased their property in the 1980’s, with the understanding that a pipeline ran beneath it. It was during the most recent expansion, when Enbridge was installing two new pipelines, from 2007-8, that they were mistreated by arrogant Enbridge employees and contractors who berated them, scraped their black dirt off their lawn, leaving it looking like “a farmers field,”  and cheated them out of thousands of dollars.

The Schulds, like many other landowners, are concerned about Enbridge’s use of Eminent Domain. Enbridge, despite being a Canadian energy transportation company, is able to utilize United States property law via a recent legislative change. Eminent domain allows the government to seize property or land for public use with “just compensation,” determined by a judge. However, Enbridge is using these laws for private profit, and Wisconsonites like the Schulds, could have their property swallowed up for the new pipeline.

Sign the petition to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission asking them to hold public hearings in every county where property could be condemned for Enbridge’s pipeline.