Yard Signs- Help Spread the Word

No Eminent Domain for Private Gain for Oil Pipelines! – Get your lawn sign!

More and more people are recognizing the unfairness of a foreign company being able to Croppedtake a Wisconsinite’s land for private gain.  Resolutions calling for eminent domain reform have passed the county boards in Rock, Walworth and Wood Counties.  There have been billboards on Wisconsin highways, landowners have been speaking out, and legislators are hearing from their constituents on this important issue.

Lawn signs are an important way to let individuals and families take a public stand.  Our striking yellow and black signs will let your neighbors, friends and family know that you care about property rights.

Whether you live on a on a highway, on a quiet street, or in an apartment, you can help spread the word about the unfair law that lets a foreign company use eminent domain to seize land from an unwilling landowner.  The tar sands pipeline that Enbridge wants to build offers “all risk and no reward” for Wisconsin landowners and communities.

We’re asking for $10 donation for the yard signs to offset the costs, but contact us if you are unable to pay for them.*

*Due to the cost of shipping, we will work with you to either drop them off or have you pick them up.  We have drop off points throughout the state.

Sign up for a yard sign here: