Rich and Margy

This People Over Pipelines: Wisconsin Families Working to Protect Our Homes and Communities video includes Rich and Margy Hansen.

Margy and Rich Hansen live in Marshfield, WI.  Their property is crossed by 4 pipelines already, and now they hear that Enbridge wants to put in a fifth one.  If it goes to the west of the current easement, they will lose their detached garage and workshop, source of all their utilities, including electricity, phone, and water.  If it goes to the east, they will lose their home.  Margy, a full-time realtor for 37 years, feels that yet another pipeline will cause the home values in their area to just plummet.

Rich says, “I’m not an opposer to ED, many times it has its reasons,…if we need a highway to come through… something our country or state will benefit from, I can see sense in that. However eminent domain for a foreign country to have the ability to come through the United States and take our land and we have nothing to say about that, I think there’s something very wrong with that. …This pipeline does nothing for Wisconsin, this oil isn’t used in Wisconsin…It’s not of any benefit to anyone here, it’s just a potential of a disaster for ruining our lakes and rivers.”

Click here to sign the petition to the PSC to help protect the Hansens from eminent domain abuse