The “Twin” Line

Enbridge has plans to expand its pipeline network through Wisconsin, making our state   into a tar sands superhighway in order to to get their toxic tar sands down to the Gulf. At 1.2 million barrels per day, Line 61 is now the largest tar sands pipeline in the Western Hemisphere. And now they’ve announced that they want to ‘twin’ it.

The pipeline giant has already exhausted their existing 80-foot easement corridor through Wisconsin with their installation of four other pipelines. Enbridge’s plan now is to take another very large chunk out of landowners’ property. In fact, there are many places in the state where homeowners’ barns, houses, and other structures stand directly in the way of this corridor expansion.

WiSE Alliance is dedicated to raising awareness about this huge private project, and asking Wisconsinites if that’s what was meant by “open for business.” Has anyone asked us if our land should be subject to ever-increasing encroachment so that a foreign, private company can make billions of dollars by shipping a hazardous material through our state? Given that Enbridge pays no county or other local property taxes in our state, it is worth asking whether this is a case of far more risk than reward for the citizens of Wisconsin.